Does Your Property Require Professional Cleaning After A Flood?

Paying a professional to handle a flood-cleaning project might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, the risks associated with DIY cleaning after a flood are numerous. You should consider professional cleaning for these five reasons.

Health and Safety

Even if the flood appeared to involve clean water from something like a sink, you'd be surprised how much contaminants mix. Dirt from the floor and mold in the air can quickly turn even the most innocuous situation into a bomb of nastiness.

Also, lots of flooding brings contaminants onto the property. If flood waters came into the house from a nearby stream, you can bet that every toxic and unhealthy thing from upstream found its way into your home. Similarly, property flood cleaning is often necessary after sewer problems. If you're dealing with the aftermath of a backup, the smart move in terms of health and safety is to hire a team of professionals. They will have the necessary protective equipment, chemicals, and training to do the job safely.

Saving High-Quality Items

Another argument for property flood cleaning services is that you may want to preserve high-quality furnishings, flooring, or materials. If you have a high-end hardwood floor, for example, cleaning it after a flood is not a simple task. Drying it out too quickly can warp the wood. Letting it dry too slowly, though, can encourage mold growth. Professionals know the right way to clean high-quality items.


Most insurance providers strongly prefer to deal with professionals. If you want to maximize the coverage for a flood, your insurer may require you to deal with a contractor from a specific list. Even if they're comfortable allowing you to hire a different company, the insurer will want to know that the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured.


Learning how to handle flood cleaning is no simple job. You have to learn about the equipment and the cleaning supplies. As previously noted, there are also special cases involving contaminated materials or delicate items. Even if you can learn the various tricks of the trade, the time involved is going to be significantly more than if you just hire a property flood cleaning firm. If you want to get back to normal as quickly as possible, contact a qualified contractor.


Companies can achieve economies of scale by doing the same types of jobs over and over. It is hard to match their cost-effectiveness. By the time you buy the right chemicals and rent the necessary equipment, you may be further ahead by hiring a pro.

For more information on flood cleaning, contact a company near you.