3 Signs Your Foundation Needs To Be Repaired

Your foundation on your home is literally the foundation upon which your home sits. This is an extremely important part of your home that needs to be monitored for problems that may develop over time due to environmental impacts or other issues that can result in damage to this part of your home. If your foundation is beginning to show wear or you have concerns about your foundation, you need to have it repaired in order to prevent a problem from occurring in your home. If your foundation is damaged, the rest of your home no longer has a solid base on which to count. Read on for some of the signs to watch out for that may indicate a repair is necessary.

1. Your Doors Or Windows Will No Longer Shut

If you are having a problem with closing or opening your windows and doors around your home, it could be a foundation issue. When your foundation begins to sink or becomes un-level, it will put everything in your home off-level as well. This can then result in your windows or doors not being able to function as they should. If you notice some issues with your windows and doors all of a sudden, you need to have your foundation inspected to see if it is sinking.

2. Your Foundation Has Cracks

If your foundation has noticeable cracks, not just minor cracks, you need to have this repaired. Major cracks will allow water seepage and can eventually cause your foundation to crumble. Even those minor cracks need to be repaired to prevent water from seeping inside, or pests from getting inside as well. If you have cracks, have them repaired right away and repaired properly to prevent a future problem.

3. Your Foundation Always Looks Wet

If your foundation always appears wet, it may already have problems with moisture and there's only a matter of time before your foundation begins to crumble. If your foundation appears wet long after it has rained or there has been some other moisture in the air, you need to have it inspected by a professional restoration company to ensure it is repaired properly.

If you have noticed these or other concerning issues with your foundation, you need to have it inspected by a professional company and then repaired as needed. Your foundation may need to be patched, or your foundation may need to be lifted if necessary to level it out. These are all things that should be left to a professional. Call a company such as J & D Waterproofing to have your foundation worked on.