4 Expert Tips For Saving Damaged Items During Water Damage Restoration

You have spent many years working to improve your life and enjoy the treasures you have. When you suddenly experience a flood in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is saving your precious belongings. However, you can learn a few tips on how you and the restoration experts can salvage your items. The following are helpful tips to save some items during restoration.

1. Furniture 

The restoration company can salvage your furniture from a flood. Furniture pieces soak up water and are likely to encourage mold growth. Therefore, it is important to call the professionals quickly to help improve your chances of saving your furniture. If your upholstered furniture has minimal damage, the specialists will take it out to dry. If it is waterlogged, the restoration experts will assess the extent of damage and use special tools such as blowers to restore it.

2. Documents, Artwork, and Books 

Paper is absorbent and greatly susceptible to damage when exposed to water. If the books and documents don't get soaked in water, they could get damaged by mold. If the water in your home is clean, you could try saving the books and documents first.

Taking them out of the water quickly prevents the ink on the paper from running, rendering them unreadable. Restoration experts could help you recover the paperwork using freeze drying and flash-drying techniques. Ensure they are completely dry before you store them to avoid mold growth.

3. Floors, Ceilings, and Drywall 

Your ability to save your floors, walls, and ceilings depends entirely on how fast you call a restoration company. If the water levels are extreme, their industrial equipment can help suction the water and save your house structures.

Should the restoration find severe damage, they might recommend removing sections of the structures. You might need to remove ceilings and drywall to prevent mold growth. The experts will assess the situation and recommend the best action to take.

4. Electronics

You should never operate electronics after a flood. There are high chances the water tampered with your appliances' electrical components and operating the system might cause more harm. The specialists will assess the damage and recommend measures to avoid electrocution accidents. If the level of damage is low, there is a high chance some parts might be intact and safe for use. Disconnect the power source and keep the electronic appliance in a safe and dry place before you take it for repair services.

Professionals recommend taking action immediately after detecting water damage to improve your success in saving your items. You will likely save money and minimize the damage if you hire specialists to pump the water out of your home on time.

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