Is Your Dryer Vent Clean Enough To Use?

If you use your dryer regularly during the week, it can quickly build up with lint and other debris over time. To keep your dryer working properly, you may clean out the appliance's vents several times a month. But if your dryer fails to heat up enough to dry your clothes, you may need to give your dryer's vents a professional cleaning. Learn why you need to professionally clean out your dryer's vents below.

Why Should You Professionally Clean Your Dryer?

Your dryer is one of the most valuable appliances in your home. Not only does your dryer keep your clothes fresh and in good condition, but the appliance also keeps your clothes clean and sanitized. However, dryers can become hazardous or dangerous if they accumulate water and lint inside their vents. 

Mold has the potential to cause allergens in people, including small children and vulnerable pets. Mold can be extremely problematic if it spreads to the drying compartment in your dryer. The fungi can also grow on the surfaces of your damp clothing before they have an opportunity to dry. You may need to discard your family's clothing if they develop mold on them.

Lint can also be a huge issue for you. Small pieces of lint may build up inside the vents and prevent heat from escaping the dryer. Lint contains flammable materials that can burn or burst into flames if they become hot enough. If the lint inside your vents catches fire, it can damage your dryer or destroy your home. 

You can avoid the hazards above by having your dryer professionally cleaned by a contractor. 

How Can You Professionally Clean Your Dryer Vents?

A contractor uses special vacuums and other types of equipment to reach deep inside your dryer's vents. The equipment can remove condensation, lint, and other debris that may potentially be hazardous to your dryer and home. 

A contractor may also inspect your dryer's motor and other electrical parts during the cleaning. Lint can build up on the surfaces of the motor and prevent it from powering the appliance. Lint may also cause the motor to overheat and burn out before its time. If a contractor finds lint inside or on your appliance's motor, they'll remove it.

If you need additional services for your dryer during the cleaning, a contractor will inform you about them right away. 

Find the cleaning services you need for your dryer by contacting a local company like Hillco LLC.