6 Factors For Your Brick Repair Project Quote

If you have a brick home, wall, or another part of your home that has some sort of defect, it is a good idea to look into fixing those concerns sooner rather than later. Keeping a brick structure in good shape is the key to ensuring that it is designed to last. 

Of course, you might have questions about the costs of repairing a brick structure. These are some of the factors that will be included in the costs of your repair job.


One of the first components of the quote you receive will involve the labor the professionals put into the repair task. This is the work that a professional puts into the work per hour. The cost of the labor will depend on the location, the kind of work you need to be done, and the skill of the individual you hire. This might also involve the costs associated with obtaining permits.

Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Before and after the repair work, the mason will wash the bricks and the surrounding area. This makes bricks easier to work with and also ensures that the mason has an accurate idea of the entirety of the work required.

Type of Brickwork Involved

Next, the mason will consider the type of brickwork involved in the repairs. For example, bricks that may need more details or that have a unique pattern are more likely to require more intensive brickwork. This increases the level of work required, so masons are likely to charge more. This also takes into account how easy to work is to get to.

Sealing & Flashing

The next part of the quote will involve the sealing and flashing, both of which are meant to protect against moisture and leaks. Sealing and other types of waterproofing measures cost money, and masons will typically charge by the square foot for this part of the project.

Brick Painting

The cost of painting may be included in your quote if this is part of the project. If you need to match colors, this will likely be an added cost.

The Bricks

Of course, new bricks will be part of your quote if you do not already have the bricks you want. You will also have to cover the costs of brick delivery in some cases.

Check Out Brick Repair Quotes

If you are ready to repair your brickwork, it is a good time to contact a brick repair company. You can gather quotes to determine what price will be fair when you include these factors in your project budget.