Repairing Your Company's Refrigerated Truck

A refrigerated truck can be a critical vehicle for those that are needing to transport perishable items. Unfortunately, the cooling systems in these trucks can experience problems, and businesses will need to act quickly to address the refrigeration problems.

Excessive Energy Use

An early warning sign that there may be an issue with your truck's cooling system can be an increase in the amount of energy that it is using. This can potentially drain the batteries of the truck more quickly, but it can also indicate that there is a potential problem with the system. In some cases, the issue may be relatively simple and affordable to fix, such as damaged gaskets on the door of the trailer allowing the refrigerated air to escape. However, other problems can be more difficult and costly. An example of this could be a compressor that is malfunctioning and cycling rapidly on and off. This could lead to large amounts of power being used while also reducing the cooling capability of the system.

Temperature Irregularities

Many refrigeration trucks will have warning systems that can alert the driver to the temperature in the storage area rising above what is required. Often, these irregularities will be short-lived as the system returns to its set temperature range. However, any temperature control anomalies with the truck should be thoroughly inspected by a professional. These anomalies can indicate that there is a problem developing with the trailer's cooling system. A faulty sensor could be responsible as it may be providing the refrigeration unit with incorrect readings for the temperature of the trailer. However, this could also indicate a refrigeration system that is overheating as it may have to shut off until it has cooled down, which can lead to the temperature in the trailer rising.

Total Loss Of Cooling

A complete loss of cooling can render you unable to use your refrigerated trucks, and it can lead to substantial losses for any products or inventory that is being transported at the time of the failure. In the event that your refrigerated truck has suffered a complete loss of cooling, the entire system will need to be thoroughly inspected before repairs can begin. Depending on the scope of the damage, replacing the entire cooling system may be the only option for restoring the functionality of the refrigerated truck. Luckily, many refrigerated trucks are designed so that the cooling system can be swapped out fairly quickly, which can limit the downtime that your vehicle will experience.

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