Water Damage And Your Home: What You Need To Know About Restoring Your Home After A Water Event

Experiencing water damage is a frightening event for any homeowner and can create a lot of anxiety when you are not sure what to expect. Whether you have water damage from busted pipes, a leaking water heater, or flooding, knowing what to expect during a water damage event is important for getting your home back to normal.  

Call Your Contractor Immediately

Water damage contractors are available whenever you need them, regardless of the day or time. Calling for help as soon as you are aware of a water emergency can help prevent further damage. This allows your contractor to determine the source of the water damage and get to work immediately to rectify the situation.

The Inspection Process

Once the source of the water damage is determined and stopped, your contractor will get to work surveying the damage. This will help them plan the best course of action for the clean-up process. They will decide which items can be salvaged and which will need to be replaced to get your home restored to normal again.

Water Removal And Drying

Portable pumps and extractors may be necessary for removing the water in the affected area. Once the water is removed, your contractor will determine if carpets, carpet padding, drywall, etc., can be salvaged or should be replaced for best results. Any items that are not salvageable will be removed prior to the final drying out phase of the project to ensure that all remaining surfaces are adequately dried.

Applying Antimicrobials If Necessary

Mold and fungal growth can develop rapidly in moist areas. Some contractors will recommend applying an antimicrobial to stop the growth of these substances if water saturation was substantial. This can prevent future problems that may arise following a water damage event.

Making Repairs

Prior to making any repairs in the water-damaged area, a moisture test will be done to assure all areas are completely dry. Your contractor will guide you through the process of repairs, which may include plumbing, electrical, or other structural repairs necessary to get your home back to normal. If they are unable to make these repairs, they will recommend other contractors who will be able to get the job done. 

Knowing what to expect when water damage occurs can help ease the stress and anxiety homeowners feel when faced with these unexpected events. Your water damage contractor will guide you through the process and work with you to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

For more information, contact a water damage restoration company near you.