Remediating Your Home's Mold Problems

Mold growing in your house can be a problem that has the potential to create serious problems for the owner and those living in the structure. Without proper remediation work, the mold could contribute to serious structural damage. Read on for several myths about mold removal. 

Myth: Bleach Is All That Is Needed To Remove Mold

Bleach can be an effective way of neutralizing mold colonies that are growing on surfaces, but there is more to mold remediation than simply scrubbing surfaces with bleach. For example, there may be spores on other surfaces that could cause the mold colony to return soon after the original colony was cleaned with the bleach. Also, the act of scrubbing the mold colony can cause many spores to be sent into the air, which can greatly increase the risk of this occurring.

Myth: Mold Problems Are Only Caused By Leaks

Leaks in the roof, basement, or other areas of the home can be a common cause for mold to develop. While mold will thrive in an environment that has a high moisture level, it does not require a leak to create the conditions for mold to start growing. This is especially true when a person lives in an area that has high humidity or frequent storms. Extremely high humidity levels can contribute to condensation forming on surfaces, and if there is poor ventilation, the condensation can stay on these surfaces for a while. While this may spare you from needing to make repairs to the home to stop the leaks, it may create a need to invest in upgrades to reduce the ability of mold to grow. In particular, improving the ventilation and considering installing dehumidifying systems can help to lessen the risk of mold developing.

Myth: Mold Remediation Services Will Take A Long Time

Hiring a professional service to remove the mold from your property will be one of the safest options for ensuring that the mold is fully removed from the home. Unfortunately, people will often fail to appreciate this solution due to the belief that it will be inconvenient to have the mold removal contractors work on the house. In reality, a mold remediation service will be extremely quick. Depending on the extent of the mold problem in the home, these services may be able to fully complete the remediation work in as little as a few hours. However, if the mold is especially widespread or located in areas where it is difficult to reach, it may take longer to complete.

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