Two Signs You Need House Foundation Repair

A sound foundation is the cornerstone of any good house. Without a firm foundation, it's almost inevitable that you'll start to experience serious problems that could be very costly to fix. Many foundational issues are easy to spot and leave no doubt in your mind that something is amiss. However, other dilemmas are a bit more hidden and could require a trained eye to discover. If you begin to notice any of the following signs around your property, it may be time to call a professional and request house foundation repair.

Uneven Floors & Porches

Paying close attention to the condition of your floors is a very smart thing to do. The floors can tell you so much but if you aren't careful, you could overlook the cries and chalk it all up to your imagination.

There are a number of things that can cause your foundation to become damaged. Maybe you've just gone through a rare moist season where it seemed like the rain just wouldn't stop. If there isn't enough drainage in your area, the excess liquid could lead to soil expansion. This may then uproot the stability of the ground where your home is situated and the foundation may no longer be as stable as it used to be.

Take a moment to walk through your home and feel for any differences with your feet. Also, be sure to perform the same assessment in your basement because if there is damage, it will most likely show up there first.

Doors No Longer Close Correctly

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to close your doors with a gentle push. The door is designed to fit perfectly into the casing and when all is well the interaction takes very little effort. 

Things change when your foundation begins to deteriorate. You may note that the door seems to stick more often because the support that should be coming from the foundation is no longer there. When this happens, it's best to act immediately by calling a contractor who can inspect your home to see if the foundation is indeed the source of the problem.

Having your foundation repaired at the first sign of trouble is truly the best thing you can do. When either of these red flags appears, reach out to a technician who specializes in foundation repair so they can get your foundation back up to speed right away.

For more information on house foundation repair, contact a professional near you.