Restoring Your Home After It Suffers Water Damage

There are few issues that can cause as much damage to a home's interior as large amounts of water. Large-scale community flooding can be the most visible source of water damage for homes, but there are many other causes that may be considerably more common.

Pipes Freezing And Rupturing

During the winter months, there can be a major risk of pipes freezing in response to periods of extremely cold temperatures. When the pipes freeze, there will be a sizable risk of them rupturing. Once the ice in the pipe thaws, large amounts of water may be able to drain out of these ruptures, and this can lead to extensive flooding of the home's interior. To minimize this damage, you should turn off the water supply when you notice a plumbing line has frozen, and you may want to turn on the faucets that are connected to this line so that any water that thaws can drain out. This may help to lower the pressure so that a rupture is less likely to occur.

Large Roof Leaks

Large roof leaks during a major storm can lead to areas of the home's interior becoming flooded. While these problems are likely to start on the upper floors of the home, the water will likely drain down to the lower levels as well. If you notice a large roof leak has formed, the use of pots, buckets, and other tools to catch the water may mitigate the damage that it causes to the home's interior. In addition to hiring a water damage cleanup service after this occurs, you will also need a roofing contractor to find and patch the leak before the next storm causes the interior to flood again.

Drains Overflowing

Blockages in the drain lines can lead to them potentially overflowing. This is particularly common when the issue is related to the primary drain line for the home as you may notice many of the drains starting to backup. When a water-intensive appliance, such as a washing machine is used, it can lead to these drains potentially overflowing and spilling a large amount of water into the interior of the home. Unfortunately, cleaning up this water damage can be somewhat hazardous due to the bacteria that may be in the drain water. Luckily, an emergency water damage cleanup service can be at your home within a few hours to clean up this unsanitary and potentially hazardous water damage before it causes major damage to the structure. 

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