Repairing Your Home's Foundation

Problems with the foundation of your home can be one of the most serious structural issues that the house may encounter. These problems can quickly lead to the rest of the structure developing stability problems that could make it unsafe for occupancy.

Foundation Damage Can Manifest As A Variety Of Problems For The Home's Interior

When a home starts to suffer foundation problems, there may be some common warning signs that could potentially alert the homeowner to the problem. Some of these problems will be extremely visible, such as large cracks forming in the walls or floors. However, others may be related to the performance of doors and windows. Foundation problems can lead to the structure shifting in a way that may cause these components to no longer be in alignment. This can result in them being significantly more difficult to open and close.

Repairing Foundation Damage Is Likely To Involve Excavating The Soil From The Base Of The House

When the foundation is needing to undergo major repairs, excavating the soil away from it will likely be necessary for providing the repair provider with access to it. This is especially true in situations where supports are needing to be installed under the foundation, such as when it is settling unevenly. While excavating this soil can have an impact on the landscaping around the house, there are digging options that can minimize the amount of soil that is needing to be removed while still providing the contractors with enough space to effectively complete the repairs. When this preparation is needed, you may want to take some time to thoroughly inspect around the home to ensure that any items that may be in the way of the contractors are removed. Whether this is a birdbath, potted plant or other items, they will need to be moved for the duration of the foundation repairs.

There Are Options To Reduce The Chances Of Your Foundation Suffering Damage

Foundation damage can be a significant problem that is able to cause widespread problems for your home's structural integrity. However, there are ways that you can effectively mitigate this risk as much as possible. An example of this could be through improving the drainage around the home as poor drainage can contribute to water seeping into the foundation and causing problems. Unfortunately, the downspout from the gutters will often be a contributing factor to these problems as it can be a large source of water that is being applied directly to the soil near the home. Installing a gutter to lead the water from the downspout away from the home may significantly lower the risk of this being a source of damage to the foundation.